Andre De Lima

andre de lima

Artworks by Andre De Lima

Profile & Artwork

Andre De Lima was born in Oslo, Norway – June 04, 1973. He studied architecture and urban studies at the “Universidade Santa Ursula” in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, where receives two first place prizes in Design and one for Architectural Theory and History at the annual awards competitions. He is a member of a team which represents the University at the II International Architecture “Bienal” for Students in 1993.

Andre has had a background in architecture, which is deeply influenced on his attitude towards the treatment of surfaces. Andre strives towards structure in what appears to be flat forms. His images are constructed with rough paint against smooth, straight against amorphous, colour against texture.
He manages to create tension between multi-coloured almost camouflaged surfaces and those of pure monochromatic colour in reds, blues or greens. The interwoven patterns are pulled together by coloured lines which separate the rational from the irrational.
Andre uses this vocabulary consistently to tell his story, chapter by chapter.
There are those who learn and those who mysteriously know. Andre is in the latter category.
The road is long but open and we shall be watching where he goes next.

Introduction by E.C. PLUNKETT