Annamária Jocskov

annamaria jocskov

Artworks by Annamaria Jocskov

Profile & Artwork

Annamária Jocskov was born in 1978 in Budapest to Hungarian-Bulgarian parents.

Since 2012 she has been conveying messages of the Universe as an amateur painter. The colours, symbols, and impressions that appear in her paintings carry the message of a New World, inspiring us to be complete and whole in our everyday lives.

The mystery of her paintings lies in its alignment to the soul as well as the colour and symbol therapy. All her paintings were born out of the harmony following these postulates.


• 2014 – solo exhibition in Pécs, Hungary showing 50 paintings
• 2014 – solo exhibition in Mohács
• 2015 – illustrations for Gustav Meyrink’s novel, titled “White Dominican”, Aquarius Publisher
• 2016 – solo exhibition in Pécs
• 2017 – group exhibition in the Gebauer Gallery in Pécs, following selection and critique by the Art Commission
• 2017 – book presentation accompanied by Annamaria’s paintings in Budapest