Jelena Nikoliš

Artworks by Jelena Nikolis

Awards & Distinctions

• Association of Applied and Fine Arts annual exhibition, Painting and Graphics section, 2016.
• Association of Applied and Fine Arts “48. May exhibition”, 2016.
• Association of Applied and Fine Arts annual autumn exhibition, Painting and Graphics section, 2016.
• Group exhibition of Icons, “Gallery 73”, 2015.
• Association of Applied and Fine Arts “small format art exhibition”, 2015.
• “The trace of Hermeneia” exhibition of icons, Gallery of the Cultural center of Paracin, 2013.
• International Ex Libris Biennale, “Vine and Grape” Ex Libris Society of Vojvodina, 2013.
• International exhibition of icons “Tracing Rublev”, in organization of Russian Center of Science and Culture, Belgrade, 2012.
• International Ex Libris exhibition Tribel III, “Danube – culture path, Ex Libris for cultural dialogue”, 2011.
• V Cocorso Internazionale “Ex Libris Biblioteca di Bodio Lomnago”, Varese, Italy,2010.
• The First International Contest, Ex Libris society of Vojvodina, 2009.
• VII International exhibition “Women Painters”, Majdanpek, 2009.
• VIII International Graphic Biennale Dry Point, Uzice, 2007.
• III Concorso Internazionale Ex Libris Biblioteca Bodio di Lomnago, “Opera e Melodrama”, Varese, Italy, 2007.
• XI Belgrade mini-art scene, Singidunum Gallery, 2005.
• Solo exhibition three authors “Face to face”, NUBS Gallery, 2005.
• V International Biennale of small graphics, Kluj-Napoka, Romania, 2005.
• II Concorso Internazionale “Ex Libris Comune di Bodio Lomnago”, “Fiabe e Leggende”, Varese, Italy
• International miniprint salon, Timisoara, Romania, 2004.
• Solo exhibition “Dreaming”, NUBS Gallery, 2003.
• IV International Ex Libris exhibition “The man and the fish”, “Kortil” Gallery, Rijeka, Croatia, 2003.
• Concorso Internazionale di Arti Visive “Il Leonardo D’Oro”, Torino, Italy, 2003.
• 6th Internetional Biennale of engraving, Acqui Terme, Italy, 2003.
• III Triennale of small graphic and ex libris, Czech, 2002.
• 5th International Biennial of Engraving, Acqui Terme, Italy, 2001.
• III International ex libris exhibition, Mexico, 2001.