Milutin Obradović

milutin obradovic

Artworks by Milutin Obradovic

Profile & Artwork

Milutin Obradović was born in Bijelo Polje, Montenegro. He has always wanted to be “engaged upon something” rather than do a professional job. Today, apart from being a painter he is also a teacher.

Milutin has a special place in his heart for his childhood which he describes as full of laughter, love and hugs. He was strongly determined not to let himself into the world of grown-ups. He remembers his summer holidays being surrounded by his toys and other powerful childhood symbols as well as events that he lived in those days; his first falling in love, learning to play the guitar and, of course, his first attempt to paint at the age of seven.

At the age of twenty-two Milutin graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje, Montenegro 2002 in professor Karailo’s class.

Milutin has exhibited in numerous exhibitions, art fairs and art events. In May 2017 he won the prestigious award “International Award Caravaggio Experience” for his contemporary artistic opus, which made him the only Balkan artist to have won it.

Milorad Širajski described Milutin’s artwork as spirited, swaying and vivacious loaded with enthusiasm. There is no need to be an art connoisseur in order to discover a myriad of symbols, signs and connotations which subconsciously charge the observer with positive emotions.