Zoran Anđelković

zoran andjelkovic

Artworks by Zoran Andjelkovic

Profile & Artwork

Zoran Anđelković was born in Kruševac, Serbia. He is the last representative of the famous Morava School of naïve art. He was taught by prominent painters of that time; Budimir Rajković Linger and Dobrivoje Stevanović Peca.

Serbian naïve painting is sought after in Europe and France especially owing to its unique colouring that reflects the milieu of its origin.

Zoran has been painting and living his art for thirty years in his natural habitat that once was shared by his ancestors. In spite of his reputation and fame he never contemplated leaving his village.

Zoran’s motifs are his village and his ancestors. His ethnic and historical subjects are nuanced with elements of surrealism, metaphysics and religion.

Duška Milosavljević from the Artists’ Society “Blue and Gold” describes Zoran’s paintings as criticism of the new age and attempt to conserve Serbian tradition.

Zoran Anđelković has exhibited in many Serbian and European cities, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Paris etc.