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  • A Recurring Dream, 110x100, Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas

    A Recurring Dream

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  • A Recurring Dream #2, 70x50, Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas

    A Recurring Dream 2

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  • Abstract Landscape, 70x80, Collage & Mixed Media on Canvas

    Abstract Landscape

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  • Alley 3, 25x17, Aquatint on Paper

    Alley 3

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  • Around the Kaleidoscope, 80x60, Oil on Canvas

    Around the Kaleidoscope

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  • Astral Travel, 70x90, Mixed Media on Canvas

    Astral Travel

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  • Atoll of Civilisation, 70x50, Oil on Canvas

    Atoll of Civilisation

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  • Bats Above Us, 50x70, Acylic on Canvas

    Bats Above Us

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  • Be Related to Poetry, 80x70, Mixed Media on Canvas

    Be Related to Poetry

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  • Between the Wings, 70x80, Mixed Media on Canvas

    Between the Wings

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