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• Strategie Art is a selective gallery representing established and mid-career professional artists all over the world. Less established artists who are producing excellent quality artwork can also request to join Strategie Art.
• There is no exclusivity contract between the Artist and the Gallery. There is, however, a Virtual Consignment Agreement that regulates the business relationship between the Artist and the Gallery pertaining only to pieces of Art which the Artist wishes to exhibit in the online Gallery.
• There are no membership, joining or listing fees. Strategie Art is remunerated purely by a commission charged on each transaction.
• Our commission is lower than high-street “brick and mortar” galleries.
• Through Strategie Art you are able to reach an international audience of art buyers.
• We constantly invest in marketing and promoting your artwork in search engines such as Google and on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and many others.
• We have secure online payment processing and credit card facilities with fast payment turnaround.
• We take care of invoicing, UK and EU VAT, payment processing and all accounting issues.
• Professional customer support.

To discuss exposing and selling your artwork through Strategie Art Gallery send us an email using this enquiry form.

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