Sell Your Art

• Strategie Art is a selective gallery representing established and mid-career professional artists all over the world. Less established artists who are producing excellent quality artwork can also request to join Strategie Art.
• There is no exclusivity contract between the Artist and the Gallery. There is, however, a Virtual Consignment Agreement that regulates the business relationship between the Artist and the Gallery pertaining only to pieces of Art which the Artist wishes to exhibit in the online Gallery.
• There are no membership, joining or listing fees. Strategie Art is remunerated purely by a commission charged on each transaction.
• Our commission is lower than high-street “brick and mortar” galleries.
• Through Strategie Art you are able to reach an international audience of art buyers.
• We constantly invest in marketing and promoting your artwork in search engines such as Google and on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and many others.
• We have secure online payment processing and credit card facilities with fast payment turnaround.
• We take care of invoicing, UK and EU VAT, payment processing and all accounting issues.
• Professional customer support.

Geographic and Online Exclusivity

• The Artist keeps physical custody of all consigned Artwork. We do not hold nor ask geographical exclusivity, which gives the Artist a freedom to display their Artworks at their discretion at physical venues and shows.
• The Artist can sell consigned artworks directly e.g. out of the Artist’s studio or other physical venues and shows. In that case Strategie Art receives a lesser commission for the consigned Artwork. It is important that the Artist ensures that Artworks are priced consistently regardless of the venue be it physical or online.
• Strategie Art will be the Artist’s exclusive Online representative for the consigned Artworks for the duration of time defined by the Consignment Agreement. If the Artist is approached by a potential Buyer, other than those who viewed the artwork exhibited in a physical venue, the Artist shall redirect the Buyer to the Strategie Art online Gallery to fulfil the online purchase.

You Set the Price

• The Artist decides the Selling/Retail price of the Art. It is essential that the Artist is realistic with the pricing strategy; the Artist must be careful not to over-value or indeed under-value the Artwork, but should place himself/herself objectively in the market using that as a starting point.
• The Selling/Retail Price is divided into the following three components: The Artist’s revenue, The Gallery’s commission and taxes/fees.
• We deduct a commission of 30% (Net of VAT) from the Retail/Selling price you set for each Artwork and 20% for direct sales; this is much lower than high street gallery rates.
• Our commission covers advertising, marketing, customer services, invoicing and administration costs.
• The Artist can also approach the issue of arriving at a Selling price by setting up his/her desired net revenue first. We can then add our commission and all applicable taxes and fees on top of that amount. The final result is the same, but starting calculations from the selling/retail price gives the Artist a more realistic idea as to how expensive or affordable his/her artwork will be to the customer.

VAT & Taxes

• Strategie Art’s commission is a charge for a service provided to Artists/Sellers. Depending on the geographical location of the Artist and Buyer, taxes and fees will vary.
• We are obliged to charge 20% VAT on our commission to customers who are UK residents and non-VAT registered members of the EU.
• VAT is not currently chargeable if you are a resident outside the UK and the EU.
• Accordingly, the Artist’s net revenue will range from 51% to 61% of the Selling/Retail price.
• On the seller’s Dashboard the Artist will be able to download an Excel calculator covering all selling combinations helping him/her to set up an optimum price.


• The Artist is responsible for the costs of materials, packaging, and shipping.
• As a seller, the Artist is required to pay for the initial outbound shipping of the Artwork. The Artist will be reimbursed in full for these charges.
• Given the insurance policy regulations, in certain situations it will be necessary that the Artwork be shipped to our London address and then forwarded by us to the customer.

Getting Paid

• Customers pay online through our debit/credit card processing facilities, PayPay, Apple Pay, Bank Transfer or by Cheque. At this stage we will notify the Artist to start preparing for sending the Artwork.
• Once the payment has been cleared the Artist will be notified of the purchase details by email or phone. The Artist will receive a purchase advice note for every piece of artwork sold.
• The Artist must then package the Artwork and dispatch it to us or directly to the customer within 5 working days.
• The Artist’s order revenues will be deposited into his/her nominated bank or PayPal account within 28 days from the date of shipment. This allows for 7 days delivery, 14 days money back guarantee, and 7 days return. You will be paid by bank transfer.


• To stimulate sales and foster trust with potential customers, we offer all customers a 14-day no-quibble money back guarantee, to which the Artist must adhere.
• The customer can return the Artwork for any reason within the money back guarantee period. If an Artwork is returned, the customer will have to pay the postage and insurance costs. The Artist will not be eligible to recoup the cost of delivering the Artwork to the customer. Return rates are very small indeed.