Aleksandar Cvetković

Artworks by Aleksandar Cvetkovic

Profile & Artwork

Aleksandar Cvetkovic was born in 1947 in Aleksinac, Serbia. He graduated at the Art Academy in Belgrade in 1975. His professors were influential artists and pedagogues, from the former Yugoslavia.

He has had over fifty solo art exhibitions, and over three hundred joint exhibitions in the former Yugoslavia and abroad (Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Mexico, Israel, Greece, Cuba, Hungary, New Zeeland, U.S.A. The Philippines, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Croatia, etc.). He spent a period of his life in New York where he took a part in the Association of Yugoslav artists.

Awards & Distinctions

He received numerous awards, including all the major ones in the former Yugoslavia, some of them more than once. He also received numerous awards abroad (in New York, Nuremberg and Vroclav). His pieces are in various museums including The National Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, and Museum of City of Belgrade, Museum of Contemporary Art in Skoplje, Dubrovnik, and private collections in Yugoslavia and abroad.