Boško Krivokuća

Artworks by Bosko Krivokuca

Profile & Artwork

Boško Krivokuća is a London based artist of the Balkan roots enhanced by the Spanish spirit where he lived for many years. He is an abstract painter, performer and clothes designer. His soul is creative, strong, but at the same time sensitive with great imagination.

When he started his artistic creations he deeply felt that his talents were sent to him by the Universe, or a God. Messages that he’s been conveying through his art are not emanating from his ego, but rather from his heart.

He is interested in kabbalah, astrology, numerology and all the mysteries that are around us. He is very spiritual and passionate about life. His spontaneity means that Inspiration can come unannounced and in any moment. For him inspiration can be anywhere but the key to his creativity is his openness and receptiveness to those signals scattered away around him.

While he admires Picasso, Dalí and Kandinsky he is convinced that all artists should have their own styles presenting themselves as different, original and unique.

In his artistic expression Boško goes from one extreme to another bypassing anything in the middle. His paintings testify this by radiating energies from the deepest dark to the highest light.