Jelena Nikoliš

Artworks by Jelena Nikolis

Profile & Artwork

Jelena Nikoliš was born in Belgrade, Serbia where she accomplished her art education at the College for Applied and Fine Arts. She is one of the founders and the member of Association for learning, preservation and training of old crafts “Pictum”, since 2005.

Over the years she molded her artistic expression through the medium of woodcarving depicting mostly religious themes with a strong and convincing 3D texture.

For the last twelve years, Jelena has been one of the authors and organizers of numerous children’s exhibitions, participations in the competition contests and presentations. She has been awarded several times as a teacher, as well as solo exhibitor.

Awards & Distinctions

• Association of Applied and Fine Arts annual exhibition, Painting and Graphics section, 2016.
• Association of Applied and Fine Arts “48. May exhibition”, 2016.
• Association of Applied and Fine Arts annual autumn exhibition, Painting and Graphics section, 2016.
• Group exhibition of Icons, “Gallery 73”, 2015.
• Association of Applied and Fine Arts “small format art exhibition”, 2015.
• “The trace of Hermeneia” exhibition of icons, Gallery of the Cultural center of Paracin, 2013.
• International Ex Libris Biennale, “Vine and Grape” Ex Libris Society of Vojvodina, 2013.
• International exhibition of icons “Tracing Rublev”, in organization of Russian Center of Science and Culture, Belgrade, 2012.
• International Ex Libris exhibition Tribel III, “Danube – culture path, Ex Libris for cultural dialogue”, 2011.
• V Cocorso Internazionale “Ex Libris Biblioteca di Bodio Lomnago”, Varese, Italy,2010.
• The First International Contest, Ex Libris society of Vojvodina, 2009.
• VII International exhibition “Women Painters”, Majdanpek, 2009.
• VIII International Graphic Biennale Dry Point, Uzice, 2007.
• III Concorso Internazionale Ex Libris Biblioteca Bodio di Lomnago, “Opera e Melodrama”, Varese, Italy, 2007.
• XI Belgrade mini-art scene, Singidunum Gallery, 2005.
• Solo exhibition three authors “Face to face”, NUBS Gallery, 2005.
• V International Biennale of small graphics, Kluj-Napoka, Romania, 2005.
• II Concorso Internazionale “Ex Libris Comune di Bodio Lomnago”, “Fiabe e Leggende”, Varese, Italy
• International miniprint salon, Timisoara, Romania, 2004.
• Solo exhibition “Dreaming”, NUBS Gallery, 2003.
• IV International Ex Libris exhibition “The man and the fish”, “Kortil” Gallery, Rijeka, Croatia, 2003.
• Concorso Internazionale di Arti Visive “Il Leonardo D’Oro”, Torino, Italy, 2003.
• 6th Internetional Biennale of engraving, Acqui Terme, Italy, 2003.
• III Triennale of small graphic and ex libris, Czech, 2002.
• 5th International Biennial of Engraving, Acqui Terme, Italy, 2001.
• III International ex libris exhibition, Mexico, 2001.