Nenad Zeljić

Artworks by Nenad Zeljic

Profile & Artwork

Nenad Zeljić was born in 1964 in Belgrade, Serbia where he studied art at the Faculty of Fine Arts. He studied in the class of two prominent professors and artists, Prof. Mileta Grozdanić and Emir Dragulj who had different views and approaches to the graphic art techniques and poetic expressions. Since 2001 Nenad teaches art and graphics at the Academy of Art in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In Zeljić’s precisely defined creative opus, one can provisionally classify his works of art into two groups. the first group consists of prints which, in the nebula of graphic art processes and procedures, reveal a particular poetic sentiment, personal experience of the Nature and Life, Happiness and Sorrow… as well as in the motifs of Heaven, Moonlight, the Sun, Whisper or Dream. the second group comprises prints where the artist releases another type of energy potential that also reflects his temperament in the way he scratches the prints plate, then controls or allows unintentional effects while acid bites the surface, gets contracts and replaces even areas with the denesly hatched ones and finally emphasises light and its “exposure” to an opaque, sporadic, horizontal or vertical linearism.

Ljiljana Slijepčević

Awards & Distinctions

1993. Award for Graphics of the Faculty of Visual Arts, Belgrade
1994. FLU Award in Belgrade – Đorđe Andrejević Kun
1997. Purchase Prize Award, Portland Art Museum, International Print exhibition, USA
2005. Prize of the Romanian Artists’ Union, The Art Museum of Prahova County, Romania
2008. Judger Award, 8th Annual National Small Print Show, Creede, USA
2009. Prize of the Prahova County, Ploiesti, The Art Museum of Prahova County, Romania
2014. Second Prize at the eight Yugoslavian competition for Graphics, Galery SKC, New Belgrade


1993. Belgrade, Gallery Paleta, Graphics
1994. Vancouver, Canada, The Doctor Vigari Gallery, Graphics
1996. Belgrade, Gallery Grafički kolektiv Graphics
1998. Belgrade, Gallery of the Faculty of Visual Arts and Illustrations (with Katarina Janjić)
2002. City Museum Prijedor, Drawings and Graphics (with Branko Miljuš)
2005. Belgrade, Gallery Grafički kolektiv, Graphics
2008. Art Gallery Smederevo, Graphics
2012. Gallery of the Historic Archive Pančevo (with Željko Stupar i Oliver Šipka), Graphics
2012. Belgrade, Gallery of the Centre of Graphics and Visual researches, Academy, Graphics(2)
2012. Banjaluka, Gallery Dogma Arts, Paintings
2013. Banjaluka, Gallery Cultural Cantre Banski Dvor, Graphics
2014. Belgrade, Gallery of Kolarac National Foundation, Paintings